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  1. Phil

    Network unstable problem

    Try running Hikvision's SADP utility on a PC or Mac on your network, it will scan your network and report which devices you have connected. NB If your cameras are direct wired to the camera ports on the rear of the NVR then SADP will not show them. To see those you will need to login to your...
  2. Phil

    Network unstable problem

    Do you have an NVR? Can you please share the model numbers of your Hikvision devices?
  3. Phil


    Sorry, we haven't got any relevant experience that might help you with this, because of our focus on IP cameras we really don't get hands-on with any analogue solutions. I would guess that it might not be straight forward. If it were traditional analogue co-ax cameras, then no problem at all...
  4. Phil

    Smart Supplement Light

    It used to be called Smart IR: https://www.use-ip.co.uk/forum/threads/hikvision-turret-exir.828/#post-1869 The 'Supplement' name is very unhelpful, as it implies something additional :rolleyes:
  5. Phil

    power ip cam hikvision from 12v battery

    The networking kit's capacity / capability will far exceed the bandwidth generated by the camera. The camera would be very unlikely to generate more than 10Mbps.
  6. Phil

    Camera offline - Network abnormal error

    Sorry, scanned a lot of new Posts this morning. Perhaps try a power-down and restart of the NVR?
  7. Phil

    Hikvision Junction Box

    I've now edited the S/N shown.
  8. Phil

    Live View Failed

    It is worth trying a power-down and restart when odd behaviour develops. Especially after firmware updates.
  9. Phil

    Hikvision Junction Box

    You need to provide the full product code for the camera please
  10. Phil

    Camera offline - Network abnormal error

    I think Step 1 will be to remove the Powerline kit from the equation and see if you still have a problem e.g. temporarily move the camera close to the NVR and use a short, bought, network patch lead to test.
  11. Phil


  12. Phil

    macOS Catalina & Hikvision

    Thanks for sharing. Plainly, as a reseller and Hikvision Partner, we will have to now take the stance that Hikvision solutions are currently not suitable for Mac users. That is not a problem for new enquirers, in due course we'll try to determine whether any other manufacturer has a solution...
  13. Phil

    Cctv via wifi extenders.

    Standard wireless IP cameras should be fine. The wireless bridge extends your network. You may need a Wireless Access Point (WAP) at the far-end to connect the cameras to the network.
  14. Phil

    Trendnet IP Dome Camera - Night Vision Issue

    Hi, see this Post and the pdf attached to it: https://www.use-ip.co.uk/forum/threads/ir-reflection-troubleshooting-guide-blurry-night-image.649/
  15. Phil

    Power up failure Hikvision Ds-7604Nl-k1/4p

    Sorry, we don't have any circuit diagrams. All such failures would go back to the manufacturer for repair/replacement.
  16. Phil

    ANPR Missing Plates

    I've never come across this before, nor seen that update you pointed out in the release notes. Presumably they have not provided an adjustable setting in the configuration section? It seems this change will cause issues such as you are now experiencing :(
  17. Phil

    HikVision TP/MSD Card Errors

    Perhaps the card slot on your Hikvision device is faulty, it would be best to contact your reseller and seek their advice and/or a replacement.
  18. Phil

    Hik Connect PTZ issue

    No other reports of this. Have you had this working OK with an earlier version of the App? Maybe the V4 App needs V4 firmware on the NVR? (not seen this stated anywhere, just guessing) What's the full model code of your NVR please?
  19. Phil

    Hikvision Officially Release V4 Firmware for their K-Series NVRs - V4.21.005

    No other reports of the problem you have seen with your monitor / resolution settings (yet).
  20. Phil

    Hik Connect app bug

    V4 should become available any day now, we shall have to see whether this issue remains