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    How do I set up up notifications to be triggered when a safe is opened?

    Is the safe in a seperate room? Cheapest way would be to have a camera that alerts you once motion is detected in the safe room, however you would also set it so it is recording 24/7 too.
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    Dvr problem

    Has it ever shown a picture or is this a new camera? Have you tried rebooting the NVR? How are you trying to view the picture? Through the NVR's video VGA/HDMI output or from a web browser?
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    Batch firmware tool for firmware updates?

    I see Hikvision do a batch config tool. Is this any good for upgrading all your cameras firmware at the same time? Thankyou
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    How to view in web browser

    I thought I’d update. I’ve worked it out. Once plugin was installed I was still getting no video. Eventually realised the feed was encrypted in network settings. I needed to update the encryption key in local settings and also the encryption key in live view parameters.
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    How to view in web browser

    So I went home and rebooted and still nothing. Just wondered if anyone else was in the same situation. All I want is to view the video so I can set motion detection settings etc? I can access my Hikvision NVR and login to it but can’t see any video. It’s just grey boxes where there is meant...
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    Door camera selection?

    Hi, I apologise for the many questions. I'm nearly there now. I've been very happy with my 4mm mini bullets that are now positioned round my house. Thankyou for the great service from Use-IP. Very happy with my purchases. Now I'm looking at the front porch and door to cover people coming to...
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    Couple of NVR setting questions; Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync, and h.265+

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
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    How to view in web browser

    Thankyou Phil. I hadnt rebooted.
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    How to view in web browser

    Im trying to change settings on the NVR and any screen that is meant to show a live feed is just greyed out. Tried IE and Firefox and with IE got so far as being asked to install a plugin but now just got a grey screen. Any ideas? THanks again.
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    Couple of NVR setting questions; Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync, and h.265+

    Hi all, Just a few questions about the NVR settings please..... Under Advanced configuration and platform access there is a setting "Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync". Should this be ticked or not? I have my NVR time set to update via NTP server. Just wondered what this "Enable...
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    Can you use an RJ45 Coupler with POE?

    Just a quick question... Will any female to female RJ45 coupler be ok with POE or can there be any risks with power going through them, overheating, etc? thankyou.
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    Suggestions for a new system

    To avoid any water getting in and for peace of mind I use junction boxes that have a good seal for wires and room in the box to hide wiring. I'd only consider mounting to the wall directly if there is no chance of water getting in between wall and camera and if you could pass cables directly...
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    How to use Tower conduit to HIK junction box

    I thought I'd chip in on this subject as I have spent a lot of time researching my CCTV install by looking at other peoples houses. It made me come to the conclusion that unless you have good cable management you may as well not have CCTV. The amount of cables I could see dangling down the side...
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    Can you mount junction boxes with cable going up instead of down?

    Thankyou for confirming this. Much appreciated. I can now get on with putting everything up tomorrow.
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    Can you mount junction boxes with cable going up instead of down?

    So I’ve got my junction boxes to mount my bullet cameras. The wires come down from the roof so can I have the wire entry at the top facing up? On the box itself it says up is the other way with cables going downwards? Would having the entry hole of the junction box upwards be a problem or does...
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    Can you run HikConnect on AppleTV?

    Thanks Dan, I thought it may not be possible. The NVR is up in the loft so not easy to run more cables down. I might see if I can stick a mini PC behind the TV and connect that up instead and access via the browser.
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    Can you run HikConnect on AppleTV?

    I cant seem to find the HikConnect app on the AppleTV app store and wondered if there was a way of adding it? Anyone been able to do this? Thanks.
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    Hidden Wires

    Youll most likely need an SDS drill with long drill bit depending thickness of your walls and then some metal rods to help guide everything through the holes. You may want to head up towards the roof and pull it into the loft which may be easier.