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    Batch firmware tool for firmware updates?

    I see Hikvision do a batch config tool. Is this any good for upgrading all your cameras firmware at the same time? Thankyou
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    Door camera selection?

    Hi, I apologise for the many questions. I'm nearly there now. I've been very happy with my 4mm mini bullets that are now positioned round my house. Thankyou for the great service from Use-IP. Very happy with my purchases. Now I'm looking at the front porch and door to cover people coming to...
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    How to view in web browser

    Im trying to change settings on the NVR and any screen that is meant to show a live feed is just greyed out. Tried IE and Firefox and with IE got so far as being asked to install a plugin but now just got a grey screen. Any ideas? THanks again.
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    Couple of NVR setting questions; Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync, and h.265+

    Hi all, Just a few questions about the NVR settings please..... Under Advanced configuration and platform access there is a setting "Enable Hik-connect Server Time Sync". Should this be ticked or not? I have my NVR time set to update via NTP server. Just wondered what this "Enable...
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    Can you mount junction boxes with cable going up instead of down?

    So I’ve got my junction boxes to mount my bullet cameras. The wires come down from the roof so can I have the wire entry at the top facing up? On the box itself it says up is the other way with cables going downwards? Would having the entry hole of the junction box upwards be a problem or does...
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    Can you run HikConnect on AppleTV?

    I cant seem to find the HikConnect app on the AppleTV app store and wondered if there was a way of adding it? Anyone been able to do this? Thanks.
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    What do you use to keep wires and connectors waterproof?

    I wish there was a way to remove the power cable from my hikvision cameras as I am going to only use POE. What would you reccommend to protect the cables as the ethernet cable will need connecting to the camera at the connection point and there will be the spare power supply cable too that need...
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    NVR in the loft / Attic

    It would make things a lot easier if I could place my NVR on a shelf in the loft. Obviously it can get pretty cold and hot up there and I'm just wondering if UK weather could affect the NVR's lifespan. What is everyones experience with this? Thankyou.
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    Tamper proof trunking

    Hi, Do you reccomend any way of running cables down external walls to prevent them being tampered with? I was thinking something along the lines of what people put into plaster on internal walls to hide cables. I'm thinking metal so it cant be snapped. Anyone have any ideas or experiences of...
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    Does the NVR need a fan?

    Just looking inside the Hikvision 7604NI and there is no fan. There is room for one. Are they needed? Any complaints of overheating on these units with POE? Just wondering if I need a fan or not. Many thanks for your help. And great service too. My delivery was super fast. Thankyou.
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    Can you use an RJ45 Coupler with POE?

    I need to join two Cat5E cables that use POE. Will I have any issues using an RJ45 coupler to join them? Many thanks, Tim.
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    Bending Cat6

    I’m going to be fitting cctv and running cat6 cables to the cameras as well as a cable from the NVR to my router on the other side of the house. The issue being that I am not going to be able to have a straight cable. There’s going to have to be bends and going up walls or round door frames...
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    Help choosing camera focal length

    Hi, I'm looking at installing cameras and buying the relevant equipment. I know what I'm getting for my NVR and am going for hikvision bullet cameras but unsure on the 2.8 or 4mm options. The front of the house needs to overlook the driveway as in the photo. Im thinking 2.8mm? The camera in...
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    Help to choose new cctv system

    Hi everyone. I’m new here so a big Thankyou in advance to all those that can help. I’m looking at buying and installing a cctv system and planning on going Poe to cut down on amount of cables. I’ve been looking at the Hikvision 8MP cameras and a 4 channel NVR. A few questions.... - I want to...