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    Unable to upgrade firmware

    Hi there, I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my ds-2cd2532f-i cameras through my K4 NVR and keep getting an error message saying "D1 - Upgrade Failed" on all the cameras. I am using the latest V4 firmware on my K4 and the cameras are working fine. I have another K4 and the firmware...
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    Default password not working

    Hi there, I have factory reset the DS-7716NI-SP and it's asking for a default password but 12345 or the one that I set is not working. Any ideas? The firmware that I am using is V3.4.3 build 160811. UK edition. Cheers, Epipen.
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    DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P NVR - Live View Issue after V4 firmware update

    Hi there, I have just upgraded my DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P NVR to firmware V4 and all the cameras are working fine apart from one in LiveView on the web interface or the HIK Connect App. The error that I am getting is "Video playing failed. Error code: (246106)" Everything was working fine before...
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    Firmware Question - V4 firmware on the DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P NVR?

    Hi, Please could you confirm if firmware version V4.21.005 build190509 will work on the DS-7716NI-K4 / 16P ? Firmware link here Link to article My system is the UK version. Cheers, Epipen
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    Platform access missing from Network options.

    Hi there, I am trying to connect my DS-7716NI-SP to the internet and under network, the Platform access option is missing. The firmware that I am using is V3.4.3 build 160811. I live in the UK. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers, Epipen