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    DS-2CD2332-I : Locate IP or Default

    Why is adding a camera to the network such a big deal? Can you imagine buying a laptop, plugging a network cable in to your router and then being told you'll first need to access it from another computer on the network by running some utility download that wont see it if it isn't on the same...
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    IP CCTV System

    Thanks Phil, I'd like to use - Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS & Mozilla Firefox 68.0.1 (64 bit)
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    IP CCTV System

    Please could you advise on whether there any manufacturers of PoE cams that don't require Windows / Internet Explorer to setup & live view the cams ?
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    IP CCTV System

    . . . oh, and forgot to ask for your advice while busy dishing out mine, sorry. So I have no Windows machine in my house, all computers Linux / Ubuntu, bought that DS-2CD2122FWD-IWS (-IWS = wifi capable) thinking it would be a simple case of using Hik-Connect to scan the QR code and WPS on...
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    IP CCTV System

    According to the Hikvision website (UK & Ireland) the 2122 is from the Pro Series 2.0 range, the G1s are in the Pro Series 2.0 plus range and the Pro Series 3.0 range. But to make sense of what's what on that website with the ranges and the redundancy in the naming conventions is enough to make...
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    MacOS Hikvision's SADP utility for 32-bit Mac users (V3.0.0.3) - updated 4th April 2019

    An irritation indeed, why do I need a silly bit of software with a 34 page "user manual" to discover and "activate" a new camera? It's all proprietary nonsense ? I run Linux / Ubuntu so, I think instead of of trying to activate it, then tick the box for DHCP, then tick the box to enable...