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  1. malford

    Network Unreachable Hikvision

    Hello guys need help on the following error? “Network unreachable“ DS-7608NI-E2/8P with DS-2CD2T42W-I8 and DS-2CD254FWD No live view on NVR GUI and all cameras showing yellow warning triangle “Network Unreachable“ when I click on icon. I have tried manual camera connection inputting password...
  2. malford

    Panasonic Smart TV Plug-in

    Kitchen smart tv Hikvision access. Looking for possible workarounds on getting CCTV working on Panasonic smart TVs. I could run a HDMI Splitter from NVR in loft and run a 2nd HDMI cable to the TV, I have a long enough cable but it’s hassle. Smart TV Web Browser: I can bring up my Hikvision WAN...
  3. malford

    Pre-Record + Post-Record Settings Not Working

    DS-7608NI-I2 V4.1.64 Build 190119 Recording Schedule set to Motion Record 24/7 Advanced Settings: Pre-Record 10s Post-Record 10s Recorded Activations are only showing the motion event and no pre or post recording. Is there a setting I have missed? Thanks guys
  4. malford

    Upgrade Advice from i Series to Deepinmind NVR

    Hello. Im considering upgrading my current DS-7608NI-I2-8P 8CH 3TB nvr to a Deepinmind DS-9632NXI-I8/16S 12MP with 8TB storage. I understand I will need a Powered 32 channel POE switch to feed the new NVR. So is it worth it and what are the benefits to a home user
  5. malford

    4MP Powered with Darkfighter User Experience

    Hello. Has anyone got any user feedback for the new range of Hikvision 4MP cameras with Darkfighter technology? I ask because several years ago I sold all my 4MP EXIR bullets because of the poor night time performance and exchanged them for the 5MP version. Today I'm pricing up a order and I...
  6. malford

    iVMS-4500 iPad exporting footage direct to Youtube

    Can anyone tell me why the option to export recoded footage directly to Youtube has been removed from the iPad iVMS-4500HD app? It used to be very handy uploading to a private unlisted account and then share the link with the end user. I know I can export files using the PC iVMS-4200 client...