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  1. Harri Whipp

    HikVision IP Cameras with External Microphone's using PSU's.

    Recently in the office we have been getting a flood of emails/questions regarding the use of external microphones with HikVision models with the abbreviation 'S' at the end of the model number. We are looking to stock the best microphone and will soon add them to our webshop. Yesterday we...
  2. Harri Whipp

    How-to: How to update HikVision DS-2CDxxx IP cameras

    The document attached will show you how to update to the latest firmware on HikVision models: DS-2CD20xx DS-2CD23xx DS-2CD24xx DS-2CD27xx If you need any more help or information please email me: harri@use-ip.co.uk Harri use-IP technical assistant
  3. Harri Whipp

    How-to: HikVision iVMS 4200: How to set up continuous recording

    We have had many queries on how to do this recently, so we have put together a PDF document that should help. Any more assistance needed please comment on this post. Many thanks, Harri Use-ip technical assistant
  4. Harri Whipp

    How-to: HikVision iVMS-4500 : How to add NVR's and Cameras.

    We have had many questions from customers asking home to add an NVR or Camera to the HikVision mobile app. So we have put together a short PDF file explaining how to do so. Any more questions , don't hesitate to email or phone us. Many thanks, Harri
  5. Harri Whipp

    New HikVision DS-2CD2112 Models and Brackets

    A few months ago we reviewed the impressive DS-2CD2112-L. The review has gained over 400 views and HikVision products have steadily grown in popularity since we began to stock them, with excellent customer feedback. However, customers have been requesting this camera with different lenses, and...
  6. Harri Whipp

    ACTi E92 3MP Indoor Dome IP Camera Review

    Today we have another review of a brand new ACTi camera; the E92. This is a 3MP indoor camera from the new range of ‘E’ series IP cameras that was released earlier in the year. Once again we have a great IP camera here at an affordable price. ACTi have really impressed us with the capability and...
  7. Harri Whipp

    How to set up motion detection recording to an SD using ACTi IP cameras

    Attached is a PDF document that contains any info you should need. If you have any further questions, please comment in this post or send me an email to harri@use-ip.co.uk.
  8. Harri Whipp

    ACTi E72 3MP Outdoor IP Camera Review

    We are once again looking at a brand new camera from ACTi's new range. Today it's the turn of the ACTi E72, a 3MP outdoor dome camera. This is another great quality camera at an affordable price and is one of the products from ACTi that have really impressed us. This camera has some great...
  9. Harri Whipp

    Vivotek IP8131 Cube IP Camera Review

    Today we have a review of the IP8131 a 1MP cube camera from Vivotek. Although this camera is at the lower end of Vivotek's cameras we were still very impressed. Let’s look at some of this camera's features. It is 1MP cube camera that can shoot 1280 x 800 and using its IR cut filter and IR LEDS...
  10. Harri Whipp

    ACTi E52 1MP Indoor Dome IP Camera

    Once again we are looking at one of ACTi’s brand new IP cameras that was released in February. Today it's the turn of the ACTi E52. This isthe first ACTi dome camera that we have reviewed and we are impressed with this very well-priced camera. This is a 1MP dome IP camera that can shoot 30fps...
  11. Harri Whipp

    Vivotek FD8151v-F2 Vandal-Proof Mini Dome IP Camera Review

    Today we will be looking at the FD8151v a 1.3MP Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera from Vivotek. This is another good compact camera from Vivotek that once again has impressed us. This is a 1.3MP mini dome camera that can shoot 30fps at 1280x1024 with a viewing angle of 110 degrees (F2) or 64...
  12. Harri Whipp

    Vivotek PD8136 Pan/Tilt Dome IP Camera Review

    Today we are reviewing the Vivotek PD8136 1MP Pan/Tilt Indoor Dome IP Camera. We are huge fans of their products and the PD8136 has really impressed us! Let’s look at some of this cameras features. This is a 1MP Pan/Tilt dome camera that can shoot 30fps at 1280 x 800 and has a viewing angle of...
  13. Harri Whipp

    ACTi D11 Cube IP Camera Review

    Once again, we are taking a look at an ACTi camera from their new range of D Series IP Cameras. Today it's the turn of the cheapest camera in the range, the D11 1MP Indoor Cube Camera. This is a stripped down camera but for the price we are not complaining! This camera has many great features...
  14. Harri Whipp

    Dahua IPC-HFW3200SP IP Camera Review

    Lately we have noticed a rise in popularity of Dahua’s (leading Chinese IP surveillance manufacturer) range of cameras and NVRs because of both their price and capability. We have tested many of their cameras and NVRs and we have previously written a review of the HFW2100P a 1.3MP bullet camera...
  15. Harri Whipp

    QNAP VioStor 4008 Pro NVR Review

    Here at use-IP we have been uploading a lot of content of unboxings, sample footage and reviews of IP cameras Today we are going to take a look at one of the NVR's that we have in the office; the Qnap VioStor 4008 Pro that we use for recording footage as well as our own office security. This has...
  16. Harri Whipp

    Acti D31 Bullet IP Camera Review

    Today we are looking at another camera from Acti's brand new D series range. The D31 is one of the budget cameras in the range, yet even though this camera's quality and functionality is a little less than some others, it is still a great product that will suit many users' needs. This is a 1MP...
  17. Harri Whipp

    Y-Cam Cube New Firmware Update and How-To Guide

    Just when we were all admiring Y-Cams latest cube camera range from the VGA to 1080p version, we experienced some minor bug issues. But as of last week (18/04/2013) Y-Cam have released a new firmware upgrade (5.36) for the cameras which will hopefully fix any issues you may have had! Below is...
  18. Harri Whipp

    Axis M1034-W Cube IP Camera Review

    We all love an Axis camera because of the brand name, quality and functionality. So today we will be looking at the M1034, a cube camera from Axis that was lunched last year. This is a small, stylish cube camera that we were very pleased with. Let's look at some of the features of this camera...
  19. Harri Whipp

    How to Update Synology Surveillance Station

    Today we will be showing you how to update your Synology DiskStation Surveillance station, which same method for updating any packages. We are updating to version 6.0-2603. Firstly navigate to your Synology box. Now login to the main desktop. Now click on 'Package Center'. The...
  20. Harri Whipp

    Vivotek FD8136-F3 IP Camera Review

    Today we have another review of a Vivotek IP camera; this time it's the FD8136-F3. It's no secret that we are fans of Vivotek cameras here at use-IP and we use some as part of our own office security. The FD8136-F3 is a small compact 1MP camera that we were very impressed with because of the...