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  1. macman

    Motion event setup hit-and-miss with wrong format preview images

    I think I have the same problem in both MacOs and Windows: the preview images when setting up motion events or smart events aren't in the same 16:9 format as the camera feed. So how do you set up zones accurately when the preview image is squashed horizontally?
  2. macman

    MacOS Mute all iVMS-4200 alarm sounds?

    Even when iVMS-4200 isn't open on my iMac, I can still hear all my camera alarm sounds [how is it doing that?]. This is sometimes useful and sometimes inconvenient. For example, I'm trying to make a Quicktime screen recording on same High Sierra iMac and the camera alerts mess up the soundtrack...
  3. macman

    BBC demonstrates Hikvision thermal Covid cams

    Video: Will thermal cameras help to end the lockdown?
  4. macman

    Unwanted zone rectangles in iVMS-4200 Main View

    My live view window is cluttered with unwanted coloured rectangles highlighting the intrusion detection zones I have set, and sometimes with unwanted animated rectangles showing movement zones. I haven't knowingly asked for these to be displayed in main view, nor have I activated analytics for...
  5. macman

    iVMS-4200 Mac vs Windows disconnect

    Yesterday, following instructions from Hikvision, I reset one of my devices (DS-KD8003-IME1 video intercom door station) to default following a firmware upgrade and reactivated it with its new IP address. It now shows up as 'online' in iVMS-4200 both in MacOs and in Windows (running in emulation...
  6. macman

    iVMS-4200 manual upgrade novice query (User Data Directory)

    Having downloaded it, I'm trying to install iVMS-4200 v3.2.0.10 over v3.1.1.9 manually in Windows 10 running in emulation on my Mac but I don't have a clue about Windows so I'm stuck at stage 1. The installer says that the User Data Directory already exists and wants to clear the contents...
  7. macman

    Over-long Intrusion pre-record [DS-2CD2543G0-IS]

    I'm trying to figure out why my DS-2CD2543G0-IS records more Intrusion footage to my SD card than I specify. I set pre-record to 5secs with a post-record of 10secs but I get over two minutes of static pre-event footage on a calm, evenly lit, critter-free, motionless day. Can anyone tell me why...
  8. macman

    Video Intercom panel distorts camera feed

    My 2nd generation master Indoor Station [a 10in DS-KH8520-WTE1 hardwired to the DS-KD8003-IME1 Door Station] also displays the live feed from six other Hikvision cameras, all of which bar one display correctly. But the feed from my IPC-D640-Z shows the bottom few rows of pixels [approx 5% of the...
  9. macman

    Intrusion zone geometry

    I'm disappointed to discover that my DS-2CD2543G0-IS [v5.6.3] throws off an error when I try to configure a concave quadrilateral as an intrusion detection zone (allowing me to avoid some heavy foliage) since it apparently can't cope with reflex angles. Since I can't configure multiple intrusion...
  10. macman

    Hik-Connect Does unbinding work in IOS?

    I'm trying to give my son's iPhone access to the Hikvision Video Intercom gate camera [easily done if I import it as an online device or via its IP number] and open/close button [not so easily done - these controls are already set up on my iPad and on three Hikvision slave wi-fi monitors]. To...
  11. macman

    Hik-Connect Hik-Connect v4.1.0 launches upside down in IOS on my iPad Mini

    The fact that no-one else appears to have reported this makes me question myself but the new version of Hik-Connect displays upside down on my iPad Mini and won't be persuaded to rotate (after unlocking the rotate function). Other apps are displaying fine - and Hik-Connect 4.1.0 is displaying...
  12. macman

    Hikvision 2nd Gen Video Intercom - is it broken?

    Just installed and it's either broken or not fit for purpose imho - but what do you think? The linked clip from my new Hikvision DS-KD8003-IME1 Door Station was taken at native 1080p resolution from a live view in iVMS-4200 (it looks the same in other viewers). I realise that artifacts appear in...
  13. macman

    "Video encoding complexity" setting

    I can't find much (any) information about what this IPC-D640-Z dome cam setting does so any clues welcome. It's outlined in red on the attached screenshot and the options offered are "medium" or "better". I assumed that the video encoding complexity was determined by the other settings such as...
  14. macman

    Too many cooks using iVMS-4200

    So, my installer set up my new Hikvision cameras and DS-KD8003-IME1 door station using his Windows laptop and password and all was more-or-less working on my Mac yesterday insofar as the door station camera imported fine into iVMS-4200. But today I asked my son to download iVMS-4200 for his...
  15. macman

    Do I need to set up DDNS with my Hikvision system?

    Q1. Do I need to set up DDNS if I only want to access my system on the local LAN? I'm not yet able to persuade my shiny new Hik video intercom to see my other IP cameras or to sync with the network time clock so wondering if I need to broadcast to the internet. Q2. If I have a static IP would I...
  16. macman

    MacOS SADPTool decided to stop working on my Mac

    Not sure why but my SADPTool v, which was working a couple of days ago, now launches with the greeting: "Initialization failed". I have reinstalled it but to no avail. Can I fix this? The only thing which might have upset it is that my CCTV installer has been setting up my cameras on...
  17. macman

    MacOS iVMS-4200 missing Mac features?

    I watched a YT video tutorial on iVMS-4200 running on Windows and saw some features that I can't find in the Mac version - eg. the tutor was able to Add New Device Type in the config window and from there connect to his Hik-Connect account. Am I going blind or is there a lot of functionality...
  18. macman

    MacOS Does Hik Video Intercom work on MacOS???

    It's frustration day here as my new Hikvision Video Intercom (DS-KD8003-IME1 plus indoor screens) is being installed and I wonder if my dealer misled me into believing that it would work via iVMS-4200 on my (High Sierra) iMac. I can load the gate camera fine and see the live view but I don't...
  19. macman

    Alternative mounts for video intercom screens?

    I'm looking to install a DS-KH8520-WTE1 10in indoor station inside an open-front kitchen cabinet, approx 12 inches from the wall so that the screen is flush with the front of the cabinet - either in a fixed position or on an adjustable mounting arm. A VESA-type TV mounting arm would do the...
  20. macman

    12V power supply for Hikvision indoor intercom screen

    As y'all know, the Hikvision video intercom (2nd generation) allows multiple indoor screens to be connected either by POE or by wi-fi to the master screen. Trouble is the instructions contain zero useful information about the power supply required for an indoor wi-fi screen - and of course no...