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  1. Emma Hedges

    Axis Naming Convention Guide

    Axis Naming Convention Guide Whilst it may seem that the names for Axis network cameras are totally random, there is actually meaning behind each digit within the code. It's a great way to understand an overview of what the device can offer including specifications and applications for each...
  2. Emma Hedges

    AXIS Object Analytics - AI-based Object Detection and Classification

    AXIS Object Analytics - AI-based Object Detection and Classification IP cameras are becoming smarter and smarter. We’re seeing an increasing number of new releases feature AI’s and Learning Algorithms which have been designed to enable the camera to focus on object detection and classification...
  3. Emma Hedges

    Axis new 5-Year Warranty Offering from the 1st October 2020

    As of October 1st 2020, newly purchased Axis cameras now come with a 5 Year Warranty. This new service offers customers further peace of mind with their investment. Axis have always been known for their first class support but they have now truly cemented this standard by offering this...
  4. Emma Hedges

    Axis Announce Discontinuation of Their Axis Companion Range

    On the 6th February 2020 AXIS announced their plans to discontinue the AXIS Companion hardware products. Axis made the decision to discontinue the Companion range as a result of their decision to only include NDAA-Compliant products in their large portfolio. Their statement explained: It has...
  5. T

    Camera advice for a cafe/restaurant

    Hi, I have a cafe. And I want to control the cashier and the staff on the kitchen with one cam and with another to control the guests which are served. So i'm planning to buy 2 cameras. However I need the video to be recorded in order to view it at the end of the day. Can anyone please help on...