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  1. A

    Trendnet IP Dome Camera - Night Vision Issue

    Relative Newbie to CCTV here......... I have a Trendnet TV-IP311PI v1.0R Dome Camera which works fine in the daytime but it is at night when I am experiencing the issue with picture quality with the IR night vision active. The original camera I had which I purchased 2nd hand worked fine in the...
  2. tsam19

    Best Home CCTV system advice

    Hello all Was looking for a section on home cctv system, but there doesnt seem to be one on AV forums. Or, if there is, somebody please point me in the right direction. I've seen plenty of Hikvision and Hiwatch (made by Hikvision) for sale and wanted to know if anyone can testify to the...
  3. Kieran

    [FAQ] Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall?

    Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall? Q: I want to buy a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I dome camera [or a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I turret camera] but I have a question I wonder if you can help with? I want to mount this camera directly to a vertical wall of my house. Is this...
  4. Kieran

    IR Reflection Troubleshooting Guide (blurry night image)

    IR Reflection Troubleshooting Guide An inherent design risk of a dome camera with built-in infrared is the possibility of IR reflection, or IR bleeding. It's an issue we see sometimes with non-EXIR cameras - with the IR LEDs house in the same dome as the camera lens, you can see the IR being...