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easyip 3.0

  1. Dan

    Security Update for Hikvision Systems - Strong Passwords

    You may have noticed with recent camera & NVR firmware updates that Hikvision has introduced some new security measures, the most obvious is the addition of security questions (mothers maiden name/first pet/favourite colour/etc..) to help with password recovery, but as well as these more obvious...
  2. Keoni Granger

    Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras

    Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras ____________________________________________________________________ Release date: Spring 2017 Resolutions: 3MP, 5MP and 8MP ____________________________________________________________________ The Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 family of cameras was released in the Spring of...
  3. Phil

    HikVision h.265+ Support

    The new HikVision EasyIP 3.0 camera range has h.265+ capability built-in Suffix -E NVRs will not support this Currently 4200 PC NVR software will not support this All suffix -I and -K NVRs are h.265+ capable
  4. Phil

    HikVision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras

    EasyIP 3.0 stocks have just landed. This range is HikVision's new Pro range for 2017 onwards - as announced at their recent series of trade roadshows. Very limited first stocks. Just 10 of several models (some less than that already!). No more expected in the UK until mid-May. Great value for...