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easyip 4.0

  1. Dan

    Please Read: AcuSense IP Cameras - Improvements made from Generation 1 (G1) to Generation 2 (G2) Models

    Hikvision are always bringing out new and improved products with slightly different product codes, but their documentation doesn't always make it obvious what the improvements are. The most recent example of this is the introduction of the 2nd Generation AcuSense products to replace the 1st gen...
  2. Phil

    HikVision EasyIP 4.0 launch announced today!

    HikVision have today announced a new EasyIP 4.0 range of cameras and NVRs: Hikvision launches EasyIP 4.0 cameras and NVRs to help small and medium businesses maximize their site security - Hikvision This announcement comes just in time for the range to be shown at IFSEC in two weeks time...