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g1 platform

  1. Dan

    Firmware Latest HikVision Firmware for G1 Series cameras - V5.6.5

    Hikvision has released new firmware for their G1 Series IP cameras. The latest firmware, Version 5.6.5, can be downloaded here. NB - you may need to refresh your browser when viewing the Hikvision portal to see the newly added version at the bottom of the list. The Release Notes are attached...
  2. Phil

    Latest HikVision Firmware for EasyIP 3.0 Cameras - new V5.5.60 (G1 Series cameras)

    Update 25th February 2020 - Superseded by V5.6.4: Latest HikVision Firmware for G1 Series cameras - version V5.6.4 Hikvision have released V5.5.60 for their G1 series IP CCTV cameras You can download the firmware from here. It's not available from their European portal yet, but should...
  3. Keoni Granger

    Hikvision EasyIP 2.0+ Cameras

    Hikvision EasyIP 2.0+ Cameras ____________________________________________________________________ Release date: June 2018 Resolutions: 2MP, 4MP, 6MP and 8MP ____________________________________________________________________ The Hikvision EasyIP 2.0+ family of cameras were released in June...
  4. Keoni Granger

    Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras

    Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 Cameras ____________________________________________________________________ Release date: Spring 2017 Resolutions: 3MP, 5MP and 8MP ____________________________________________________________________ The Hikvision EasyIP 3.0 family of cameras was released in the Spring of...