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  1. Gilly

    Hanwha Techwin COVID-19 Solutions

    Due to the current climate it is likely that social distancing and other safety rules will be in place for a while yet, because of this Hanwha Techwin have created new technologies to help businesses to run as smoothly as possible. Both Occupancy Monitoring and Face Mask Detection have been...
  2. Gilly

    Hanwha Techwin update

    Formally Samsung Techwin, Hanwha Techwin products have been going through a transformation period over the last 5 years to move away from the Samsung name completely to its new (or not really that new) name. The phasing out of products can take a while and so the product pages for the products...
  3. Tara Brown

    How-to: How do I update my Wisenet camera firmware?

    Firstly it is useful to know that Wisenet refers to 'firmware' as 'software' (abbreviated to S/W) throughout their site. It has come to our attention that it is not currently possible to update Wisenet camera firmware when the cameras are directly connected to the NVR. We have contacted...
  4. Tara Brown

    The journey from Samsung to Wisenet

    The household name that is Samsung is no longer associated with IP Camera solutions. It all started when Hanwha Group acquired a 32.4% stake in Samsung Techwin in 2014, which allowed for joint management of the company. In 2015 the acquisition was completed and Samsung Techwin was re-launched...