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hikvision portal

  1. Phil

    Hikvision Portals (UK & Europe) - empty!

    Just a quickie to say that we are aware that both the UK and the European Hikvision portals appear to be empty this Monday morning! We have no idea why - we are trying to find out. We will update later. Hikvision UK Portal - HIKVISION UK PORTAL Hikvision European Portal - DOWNLOAD EU PORTAL
  2. Phil

    Hikvision UK Portal for firmware, software, etc.

    Hikvision have recently created a separate UK portal: HIKVISION UK PORTAL It's a work in progress at the moment. We will keep an eye on developments there. Where appropriate we will now be linking to updates there. Just an FYI, really.
  3. Phil

    HikVision Downloads

    HikVision are right now reorganising their European Downloads portal. So, in case the reorganisation and renaming of files and folders breaks the links we have previously provided within this forum to specific sections of the portal - this link should take you to the top level of the prtal...
  4. Phil

    How-to: HikVision Hik-Connect - latest HowTo videos

    HikVision Tech Support have just uploaded three new How To videos to their YouTube channel - embedded below. For further information on Hik-Connect, please see this overview thread: https://forum.use-ip.co.uk/threads/hikconnect-in-a-nutshell-how-does-it-work.1519 And this thread collating...