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hikvision reset

  1. R

    how to find/reset username on hikvision OEM

    doing a rewire on a house and this includes replacing the cctv, pulled out the old cameras and trying to reset them, they all seem like OEM with zero branding and weird software, however the Domes work with Dahua ip and had a hard reset. My issue is with the bullets, ive been over every inch of...
  2. Phil

    How-to: How do I reset a Hikvision camera to factory default settings via my browser?

    To reset your Hikvision camera back to the 'as new' factory default settings, please follow these five steps: Step 1 - Log into your camera using a browser (Internet Explorer is still the preferred browser) Step 2 - Navigate to Configuration -> Maintenance Step 3 - Click on the Default button...
  3. Phil

    How-to: How do I Reset a HikVision IP camera using the pushbutton? - updated 30th October 2018

    Updated 30th October 2018 - corrected the download link in the last line (Hikvision had changed the url) Firstly, has your camera got a pushbutton for resetting it? It's a pretty reliable rule of thumb that if your camera has a memory card slot it will also have a reset pushbutton (often...