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  1. S

    IP Cameras - Cost effective solution? Installing in mothers home

    Hi everyone. As you can tell I'm new to this forum. A change in my mother's health has recently brought to my attention that I need to start looking into a cost-effective CCTV solution. I live away from my mother who lives alone and recently she has taken ill and has not been able to get up...
  2. steveM

    Hikvision HiWatch Vs. Normal

    Hello i am new to the Video surveillance and i have question about difference between Hikvision HiWatch and normal Hikvision camera lets say HIKVISION DS-2CE56D1T-IR
  3. A

    Homeguard CCTV in Need of Flash

    18 months ago I bought a 4 channel Homeguard CCTV system from Argos. It has been sat in the box since then as I wasn't ready to use it. Now I have put it all together but the DVR won't get beyond the 'Homeguard' logo when it starts up and is viewed on a monitor. I have tried two power supplies...