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  1. macman

    POE without NVR

    Could you please explain to a newbie why he needs an NVR, assuming he has plenty of disk space elsewhere? To my idiot's eye, they must increase the live video lag by adding an extra layer of processing, and they make a noise. What camera or network functions do I lose by connecting directly to...
  2. M

    Can I view Hikvison DS 2CD2342WD 1 4MP WDR remotely on iPAD?

    I can see the camera on the iMac through iVMS4200 and also in the Safari browser (with plug in from Hikvision site). I downloaded the mobile app iVMS 4500 HD and it won't access the camera when I am somewhere else. I also tried access it through Safari on the iPad and nothing happening there...
  3. M

    MacOS Is Hikvision compatible with Mac?

    I have a Hikvision Outdoor IP DS 2CD2342WD-1 physically set up. However after almost 3 weeks, 40 + hours and two network engineers later I still can't see it online or through the IVMS- 4200 software. If I understand it correctly it appears now that I may get to see the camera if I use some...