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  1. J

    CCTV Integration Survey

    Hey Guys. I'm beginning a market survey for a manufacturer of CCTV products. I'm curious to see what your biggest problems are as CCTV integrators. I'm more than happy to share the results. Let's brainstorm and find some solutions for them. See GoogleForms link below - 3 questions. Thanks...
  2. S

    UK Advice Appreciated for New Home (CCTV)

    Hi all, I am eagerly awaiting the purchase of our new house and wondered if any experts could lend their ear for some advice on CCTV? As this will be our first detached I am taking the precaution of installing an alarm and are also very interested in the possibilities of a CCTV system. Having...
  3. Keoni Granger

    Hikvision Black and Grey Cameras

    Hikvision Black and Grey Cameras There are now a handful of black or grey Hikvision cameras and brackets available for purchase in the use-IP webshop! :D Hikvision have only released a few black/grey dome and turrets which you can find below: Black Cameras G1 Family - 5MP Dome Camera -...
  4. Keoni Granger

    IP CCTV Buyers Guide

    IP CCTV Buyers Guide In this thread we'll be looking at what you'll need for a typical IP system along with some of use-IP's recommendations for creating the best set up possible. :) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Typical IP System A...