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  1. Gilly

    Milestone Add-ons

    Milestone has developed a range of add-on software products for users to increase functionality and create a complete surveillance solution. As the title suggests these add-on products are to be installed alongside existing Milestone VMS products and cannot be used as standalone products...
  2. Gilly

    What is Milestone Care and why is it important?

    Many feel that Milestone Care is an unnecessary added cost; in this post I am going to explain what Care is and why it is beneficial for you and your system. What is Milestone Care? Milestone Care is a complete service and support program that takes care of your product throughout its...
  3. Gilly

    An Introduction to Milestone XProtect

    Milestone XProtect is video management software that is powerful and easy to use with a wide range of features for basic to advanced surveillance requirements. Selecting which XProtect software is most suitable for your needs can be difficult due to the many options that you have. Before...