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no connection

  1. T

    Hik-Connect Camera keep losing connect on Hik-connect

    one site where we have cameras keep losing connection on for just one site, i can change the setting and the camera will work for 20 minutes and then goes offline for the device management web page. What could be the reason for this?
  2. Petrus

    HikVision DS2CD2145FWD-IS failing to Connect to LAN

    Hi all, I've recently bought a Hikvision DS2CD2145FWD-IS dome camera (from Avico.pro) and have been trying to get it setup and connected to our LAN. However, I'm having trouble doing so, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I've followed the initial steps, have it connected to a...
  3. I

    Trouble connecting DS-KH6310-W to door station

    Hi, please help me to connect my main station DS-KH6310-W with the door station DS-KV8102-VP. The wiring is done via a single direct UTP cable with 2 pairs for communication and 1 pair for power. The power is on for both stations but the indoor station displays a red picture for the main door...