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remote access

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    Hik-Connect Hikvision laptop login details problem

    Hi I have installed cameras in two of my houses over the last few weeks , I have been using the mobile Hik-Connect app to remotely view and has been working great . I installed a new anpr camera and need to login via a laptop to configure settings but cannot for the life of me find how to...
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    Remote access stops after 20 secs

    I have a Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IWS of which I suddenly have difficulties to access remotely. I have a fixed external IP-address. The camera has a fixed internal IP-address from the router. Port 80 is open to the fixed internal IP-address (I have checked that port 80 is open when I use a search...
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    HIKVision NVR - EzViz cannot detect NVR - offline

    Hi We wanted to ask if there are somebody here who has encountered problems adding the NVR on the EzViz account? The NVR is configured correctly but if you will add it on the EzViz, the NVR cannot be detected even if you input the serial number manually. The WAN IP of the ADSL is a public IP...