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remote control

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    How to remote view/interact/support NVR screen

    Dear All, Please can I ask, how do you view and interact with an onsite NVR screen? Put differently, can one shadow the onsite screen for support purposes so I can interact or at least see exactly what is displayed on screen from VGA/HDMI out? The particular NVR here is a Hikvision...
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    IP Control

    Hi Is it possible to control the local output of hikvision NVRs via tcp/ip commands I know you can commands to control PTZ cameras. I would like to be able to send commands that changes the display local and ideally control the HDMI and VGA outputs separately. Thanks in advance James
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    Remote control ID for different DVRs

    Hai, We have 3 DVRs and 3 remote controls also. Now i can control all three DVRs with any of the remote control. Now I need to set one remote for one DVR, i.e., I dont want to control a DVR with any remote, instead i need to control just with one. How can I do that? DVR model: DS-7216HQHI-SH...