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  1. P

    Using DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL Acusense Turret Cameras with a DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR?

    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing 8 x DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL to work with the DS-7608NI-I2/8P. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone will be able to help me with. 1) Will Acusense work with this NVR? 2) Can the turrent cameras be mounted on the wall without the option mounts...
  2. Emma Hedges

    Hikvision Turret Cameras With Built-In Microphones

    Turret cameras with built-in microphones are finally here. This is what we know about the anticipated range of -IU, Hikvision Turret Cameras featuring built-in microphones. Why is a built in microphone useful? Including the ability to record sound as well as video is a great way of adding...
  3. V

    Front House Camera(s)

    Having already protected a vehicle to the rear of my house using a 4mm Hikvision turrent 2MP (was under special offer) (should have been a 2.8mm as the car is quite close the the camera) Anyway nonetheless i am impressed with the image and night vision (plus been a IP it can be upgraded in...
  4. V

    Hikvision Turrent Pole Mount or alternative suggestions

    I may have rushed into purchasing slightly but my newly purchased turret camera can certainly be repurposed on the house rather than the shed i tried to mount it to. The Aim of the Camera was to watch over a vehicle and perhaps (but optionally) the back gate. However i am conscious you...
  5. Kieran

    [FAQ] Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall?

    Can I mount a Hikvision dome or turret to a vertical wall? Q: I want to buy a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I dome camera [or a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I turret camera] but I have a question I wonder if you can help with? I want to mount this camera directly to a vertical wall of my house. Is this...