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  1. Emma Hedges

    Network Camera Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings

    Whilst searching for the right camera to add to your IP security system you may have noticed the phrase “IP rated”. In this post we will help you understand Ingress Protection, what it means and how it has an important role in maintaining the life of your CCTV system. What is Ingress...
  2. G

    IP Camera ~100mm Focal Length >= 2MP, Weatherized

    Hi there, I am specifying an IP Camera for a specific application. The only critical specs are those in the Post title. I've managed to find just this one camera that sort of matched our specification: Hikvision DS-2CD4A24FWD-IZH 2 Megapixel Smart IP Outdoor Bullet Camera, 4.7-94mm Lens...
  3. Kieran

    Hikvision camera failure - the most common cause

    Hikvision camera failure - the most common cause Having been an official Hikvision UK partner for a few years now, we've seen our fair share of Hikvision camera failures. It's inevitable with any electronic device of course, but we've seen the same failure with Hikvision cameras time and time...