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  1. johnkimon

    Can someone identify this CCTV camera?

    Hello all A neighbour has installed a CCTV camera at the rear of his house. This has upset other neighbours who claim it overlooks their patios and gardens. He is adamant that it can only capture his garden and not anyone else's. I've attached images of his camera, which I believe is this...
  2. I

    IP cameras for a 17.5m wide frontage - 1 or 2?

    We have a wide frontage of 17.5m, with a depth to road of 8.5m, frontage split into the following: |-gates-|----garage----|-front_door-|----house_frontage----| |--3m---|-----4.3m-----|----3.2m----|----------7m----------| Initially I was thinking of two cameras, one looking from the LHS of...