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3G for remote IP CCTV Cameras


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3G for remote CCTV crops-up every now and then, so here's a few useful links:

Ofcom -

Sample Wireless 3G router
Edimax 3G-6200Wg - 3G with wireless b/g WLAN - lists compatible 3G dongles
Edimax 3G-6200n - 3G with wireless n (and b/g)
Of course many other 3G routers are available, but these models are very cost-effective and generally get good reviews.

Bear in mind that for a remote IP CCTV application you are most interested in the 'uplink' speed of your 3G solution.

A 3G SIM or dongle with a fixed IP address is ideal.

Specialist Providers of Static IP 3G SIMs and Dongles:
Nucleus Networks

For interest:
Think Broadband Mobile
Top 10 Mobile Broadband package offers
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