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4k home system choices, help needed please


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I'm looking for a 4k system for my house, just a small house with smallish garden front and rear. I was going to go with a ready-to-go-Swann system and a friend said to look at Hikvision etc, so I've ended up here.

I have done lots of reading in the last few days and it seems that ideally, a wireless system would be what I need, but they all seem to have some kind of terrible flaw, so have been looking at separate NVRs and cameras with PoE and hooking it all up with ethernet cables. I had kind of settled on a Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2-8P but there seems to be lots of reports of annoying fan noise, so I'm looking for recommendations for the NVR (a silent or v quiet one) and I will need 2 cameras to start with and possibly add another one later. One dome camera for the front as it would have to be at a reachable height because of a porch and I was looking at the Hikvision turret camera for the back (DS-2CD2385FWD-I).

I would like good picture quality, decent night vision, ability play back the footage on my phone or tablet. And the NVR needs to be quiet. is this doable? I'm open to other brands too if they are decent.

I noticed that some of these cameras have micro SD card slots in them, do they have to have a card fitted to work?

Any input much appreciated and looking to buy this week.



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Hi @Monkey

You are correct that the 7608 Hikvision NVR can be quite noisy if it is positioned in a public space like a living room or bedroom, but if it positioned in a loft space, cupboard, or office with a PC and/or other devices running then the sound is not noticeable.

If you do want something very quiet then we would recommend either Milesight or Optio

Milesight UI-1009-PA 4K 9 Channel Mini PoE Network Video Recorder - does feature a fan, but the compact size means that it is almost silent. It also supports up to 9 cameras but only features 4 PoE ports, so the other 5 cameras have to be connected by PoE switch/injector somewhere else on the same network.

Optio IP OPNVR8 8 Channel Network Video Recorder - does feature a fan, but the compact size means that it is almost silent. Optio is quite a closed solution so we wouldn't recommend using anything but Optio cameras with an Optio NVR.

In terms of cameras, for the Milesight system, we would recommend the Milesight UI-5D75-PCV/J 5MP Fixed Weather Resistant Mini Dome Camera with Junction Box for both positions. For The Optio system, we would recommend the Optio IP OPI4ED28IR 4MP Outdoor Eyeball Dome Camera for both positions.

The Optio cameras do NOT support onboard MicroSD card but the Milesight cameras do support MicroSD, The cameras will work without MicroSD cards fitted but if they don't have a card or are not connected to an NVR you will only be able to see the live view as it won't record anything for playback.