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A real discussion about IP bandwith, codecs and quality.


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we know the new generations from hikvision support all H265+ Codec. We know that we save bandwith and storage space.

My calculation says when i using H265, i use 1024kbps every megapixel.

4MP = 4096kbps (My recorder 7616NI-I2/16P sets by his own from 4096kbps to 6144kbps)
8MP = 8192kbps (My recorder 7616NI-I2/16P sets by his own 10240kbps)

The focus for myself is image and video quality.

Videoquality is: ++++ (Anyone see the difference in quality when setting higher plus?)
Bitrate Type: variable (The bitrate raises when there is movement, good to save storage over night when is no movement or less)

So when we choose H265+, you cant set anymore the bandwith, because the codec sets his own values in the background.

So are there differences in quality? Anyone knows? For myself i cant really see much in changes.

Facts to say:

Every single camera is direct connected to the PoE Unit of the NVR. (With Cat5e and Cat7 Cables). Enough bandwith for every single camera.
I undstand when you dont have a PoE NVR, all traffic comes over the network and then you have to choose the right bandwiths, depending how much cameras u use and check the other traffic in the network.


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We were initially cautious, but we have seen no detriment in using h.265+, nor have we received reports/problems from customers.

One caveat, h.265+ uses more processing power, one customer with a heavily loaded NVR and multiple users accessing it (a school) experienced better performance from that NVR box when they did not use h.265+.

Most people seem to be entirely happy with h.265+.