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ACTi D11 Cube IP Camera Review

Harri Whipp

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Once again, we are taking a look at an ACTi camera from their new range of D Series IP Cameras. Today it's the turn of the cheapest camera in the range, the D11 1MP Indoor Cube Camera. This is a stripped down camera but for the price we are not complaining!

This camera has many great features; a 1MP camera that can shoot 30fps at 1280 x 720p and has a viewing angle of 61 degrees. It can also see in colour up to a minimum illumination of 0.1 LUX and uses PoE (preffered method of 95% of our customers). This compact cube camera measures at 66.5mm wide, 103.95mm high and 38.75mm thick.

ACTi have released 2 different D1 series cube cameras at different megapixels versions; the 1MP D11 Cube Camera and the 3MP D12 Cube Camera. These cameras are identical in appearance but have different quality cameras. Why not take a look at our recent unboxing video:

This camera is stripped down with a simplistic design; there is only an ethernet port and a mounting screw hole to the rear of the device. This makes the set up of this camera very simple- one CAT5 Ethernet cable to supply power and data as well as 3 screws to mount the camera is all that’s needed. Below are some images of the rear of the camera.

Having an ACTi camera gains you access to the free ACTi NVR 3 software, which enables you to capture up to 16 channels (free of charge for ACTi cameras, with paid for options for other manufacturers). From this software you can view and record, whether from a PC or its IOS and Android applications.

Read more about the NVR 3 and other ACTi products in the ACTi Forum.

The web application for this camera and other ACTi cameras is very good, allowing users to live view the camera, configure all the settings, set up separate streams and take snapshots. We used the NVR 3 software and our QNAP Viostor to record our footage for this camera. Below is a snapshot taken from the QNAP.

We also capture some sample footage in the office:

I feel this is a good camera for the price for any home or small office application. Of the new ACTi range launched in February, this is the most cost-effective camera. In comparison to other 1MP camera it rates very well on price and quality. I feel that this camera is perfectly priced, and to pitch it against its sibling the D12 the 3MP version of this camera is priced at only £20 more making the D12 a very affordable good quality camera.