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ACTi E52 1MP Indoor Dome IP Camera

Harri Whipp

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Once again we are looking at one of ACTi’s brand new IP cameras that was released in February. Today it's the turn of the ACTi E52. This isthe first ACTi dome camera that we have reviewed and we are impressed with this very well-priced camera.

This is a 1MP dome IP camera that can shoot 30fps at 1280x720, with a viewing angle of 60.2 degrees. Using its on-board IR LEDs this camera can see at a minimum illumination of o Lux. It has basic WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for better picture quality and uses PoE (this is the preferred method of 95% of our customers). This camera measures at 128mm in diameter and 99mms in height.

ACTi have released 4 cameras in the E5’#’ range, all with identical shells but different functionality:
  • E51, a 1MP dome camera with basic WDR
  • E52, a 1MP dome camera with basic WDR and IR
  • E53, a 3MP dome camera with basic WDR and IR
  • E54 which is a 5MP dome camera with basic WDR and IR
Each one of these cameras offers a good solution for any application. To watch an unboxing of the E52 please watch below:

As this camera is PoE compatible, only one cable is needed for set up. The camera shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to mount and set up as the cameras mount only needs 3 screws and then it simply twists on. Below we have some images of the mount and the rear of the camera.

For this camera we recorded footage using ACTI’s native FREE NVR3 software that works with every ACTi camera. This software allows you to view and record up to 16 channels free of charge (with optional paid-for upgrades for further cameras) and comes with iPhone and Android applications. You can also connect non-ACTi ONVIF devices, but ACTi will charge license fees for this function.

We also used our QNAP Viostor to record footage as this is compatible with many of ACTi’s new cameras. We got some great results with this solution and it was easily incorporated into our existing CCTV network. Below is a snapshot taken using the QNAP.

To read more about the NVR3 please go to our ACTi forum page. More information about the QNAP VioStor is available at the QNAP forum page.

As you may now be familiar with, ACTi have a very good and fluid web client that we consider one of the best available. From the web client you can configure all of the cameras settings, watch the live feed, set up different streams and take snapshots. Below is a snapshot of the live stream in the web client.

We also captured some sample footage of this camera that shows the quality that you can expect:

Once again I will be recommending an ACTi product as this is another GREAT cost effective IP camera. This camera coupled with either the NVR3 software or a 3rd party NVR e.g. a NAP VioStor would be both great solutions. This is a great camera to start a network or add to existing one and is best suited to an office/ school or home environment.

For a quick price comparison to the other E5’#’ cameras you will be paying around £35 less for the basic model of this camera the E51. If you would like the 3MP E53 you will paying around £30 more and if you would like a 5MP E54 you will be paying around an extra £100.

This is another great cost-effective IP camera from ACTi that is highly recommended!