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ACTi E92 3MP Indoor Dome IP Camera Review

Harri Whipp


Today we have another review of a brand new ACTi camera; the E92. This is a 3MP indoor camera from the new range of ‘E’ series IP cameras that was released earlier in the year. Once again we have a great IP camera here at an affordable price. ACTi have really impressed us with the capability and performance of this camera.

This is a brilliant camera with some great features. The 3MP indoor camera can shoot 15fps at 2048 x 1536 and has a huge viewing angle of 87.6 degrees. This camera has basic WDR and can see at a minimum illumination of 0.1 Lux. It has on-board storage options via a SD card slot and uses PoE (preferred method of 95% of customers). This compact camera measures at 110mm in diameter and 58mm in high.

ACTi released 2 different E9’#’ dome cameras in February 2013 and are set to release 2 more in December:

Released February 2013:

· E91 – a 1MP indoor dome camera
· E92 – a 3MP indoor dome camera

Set to be released December 2013:

· E93 – a 5MP indoor dome camera
· E96 – a 10MP indoor dome camera.

The E91 and E92 are the same in size, style and design. They also come in identical packaging. Take a look at our recent unboxing of the ACTi E92:

This camera uses PoE which makes installation of this camera even easier. With only 3 screws and one cable, installation should be done in a flash! We also found that the on-board SD card slot came in handy, as we set up motion detection recording and snapshots to save direct to the camera. This allowed for us to have even more security as well as being recorded continuously to an NVR. Below are some images of the camera without it's case.

As with every ACTi camera, there is a great web client where you can live view the camera, take screen shots and configure all the settings. Below is a sample snapshot:

To record a lot of our footage for this camera we used ACTis FREE NVR 3 recording software. This software allows you to view and record up to 16 channels for free; you can upgrade for further cameras but this is a paid-for upgrade. This software comes with IOS and Android applications. You can also connect non-ACTi ONVIF devices, but ACTi do charge license fees for this additional function. Below is a snapshot taken of the live view in the NVR 3 software.

We also captured some sample footage using this camera that should hopefully give you a great example of the type of quality you can expect:

Even though this camera doesn't have built in IR LEDS it can still see at a minimum illumination of 0.1LUX. We have noticed during the night we get exception quality footage from this camera. Please view a few screenshots below. (Time stamps are to the top left of each image. To make them full size click on them.)

This is yet another great camera from ACTi, which would make an excellent addition to any CCTV network in most indoor environments. For instance, we used it as security on the front door to the office and found this camera ideal for this purpose.

Even with all of this great quality, ACTi have managed to keep the prices down across the entire range. These cameras will build a superior system with excellent quality whilst remaining cost-effective. To give you a comparison there is a price gap of around £30 between the E91 (1MP) and the E92 (3MP). Although we do not have prices of the E93 (5MP) and E96 (10MP) yet, by looking at the prices of the other cameras in the range I would have thought they will keep the costs down.

The ACTi E92 is a great indoor dome camera that offer exceptional quality and high resolution at an amazing price.