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ACTi NVR 3.0 Set Up and Adding a Camera

Harri Whipp

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In this how-to guide, we will be showing you how to install and add a camera to the Acti NVR 3.0 server software.

Firstly go to: http://www.acti.com/product/detail/Video_Management_System/NVR_V3 .
Download the top package which should be ‘NVR3 server & Workstation v3.#.##.##’.

Once the file has downloaded, extract it to a suitable place.

Open the extracted file.

Inside the folder, click the NVR server folder and select the ‘Acti_NVR_server_install_v3.#.##.##’ application.

The install wizard will now begin to open.

Make sure to accept the T&C’s and click ‘Next’.

On the Welcome Page click 'Next'.

The next screen allows you to select which type of install you would like: ‘Complete’ or ‘Custom’. For most users, we would suggest the ‘Complete’ option.

The NVR is now ready to install. Click the ‘Install’ button.

The NVR will now begin to install.

Your new NVR3 will now appear on your desktop. Double-click on the icon.

You will now be presented with a login page. Leave the server IP and port number as default. Your login details will also be default: ‘admin’ for the username and ‘123456’ for the password. Now click 'Login'.

You will now be presented with the main interface.

At the top right of the screen you have a control panel. To add a camera, click the settings icon, as shown below.

You will be taken to the settings menu. From here, click the 'Devices' option.

You will now be on your Devices screen.

To add a camera, click the ‘Add Device’ button to the top left of the screen.

From the window that opens, you can either search for device or add one manually. If you click the search option, your NVR will automatically search the network for any available cameras.

If you cannot find any available cameras, click the 'Manually Add Devices' option.

From this menu, enter all the correct information for your camera. Then click ‘Get Device Settings’.

You should now have a live feed of the camera and should be shown all the basic settings. Click the 'Apply' button to add the camera.

The camera should now be added to your live view screen.