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Please Read: AcuSense IP Cameras - Improvements made from Generation 1 (G1) to Generation 2 (G2) Models

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Hikvision are always bringing out new and improved products with slightly different product codes, but their documentation doesn't always make it obvious what the improvements are. The most recent example of this is the introduction of the 2nd Generation AcuSense products to replace the 1st gen range, below is a list giving a brief summary of some of the key changes brought in with the 2nd generation Acusense models (2xx6G2) and you can see a more detailed rundown of all the changes in the attached document.

Key Changes

- 2nd generation algorithm with better performance on target detection​
- Increased Target classification distance​
- Improved False alarm reduction​
- Target classification and motion detection, three streams and H.265+ now available simultaneously​
- Models with -U include a built-in microphone​
- 8MP AcuSense models now available​
- A Mini Bullet AcuSense option is now available - DS-2CD2086G2-I
Follow this link for all the AcuSense models that are currently available including the G2 models - EasyIP 4.0 AcuSense


Not open for further replies.