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Alarm Input help


New Member
Good morning, I wonder if someone could provide a little help please?

I have a Hikvision IP camera with a single Alarm input, I have wired this to a magnetic door contact that switches to open circuit when the door is opened, this then triggers linkage to the internal SD card and also outputs these files to an internal FTP server. It works perfectly but I have the following issue.
All I am trying to capture is who enters the room so I only want to capture the first few seconds of the alarm trigger but if the door remains open the trigger continues to send images to the SD and ftp site that is not needed and should the door me left open the amount of transfers would be huge. So after the long winded explanation, Can you limit the amount of footage on an alarm input and then only allow further footage if the door is closed and then later reopened. I can do this using some discreet electronics but am trying to avoid that.

In anticipation
Many thanks