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Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams have been around for a few years and was designed to make it easy for users to securely stream to AWS for analytics, machine learning, playback and other processing.

The requests for storing CCTV footage to the cloud has been growing over the years and the needs of users just keeps increasing. Customers need confidence that the footage is stored securely.

At the moment the only brand we sell that has integrated with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is Vivotek. The whole range isn't currently integrated but throughout the year they will be working to integrate a larger number of their cameras with this technology.

Benefits of AWS:
- Stream video from millions of edge devices
- Secure encryption
- Build real-time, vision and video-enabled apps
- Durable, searchable storage
- Playback live and recorded video streams
- No infrastructure to manage


The products currently integrated are:

You only pay for what you use and there are no minimum fees. Users pay for the volume of data ingested, stored and consumed through the service. You can find more information on exact costs and the features of AWS by looking at the AWS website.


New Member
I am working currently on a facial recognition project using AWS services including Kinesis Video Stream service. I am using GStreamer plugin to stream the video but using the terminal commands. In order to automate the process I would like to know - using these cameras - how to connect to kinesis service and if these cameras have their own config for the connection to AWS services.

Thank you for your response
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