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ANPR Camera barrier duo


New Member
Good day.

We are working on one project and I will be very grateful for some advices.

We already have 2 ANPR cameras from HikVision (series 4 and series 7) and they are very useful. Now we have a plan to buy 2 more, but I don't know which ones will be the most useful for the job.


As seen in the picture, both cameras will be used for the lifting barrier control With anpr recognition - alarm. The camera for entry (right one) will allow passage to all vehicles during a certain hour. But the other camera (left one) will allow passage only to the wehicles on the white list.

The white list will have about 50 fixed plates. This is for the employees.
We will used the black list for daily customers on a visit. The customer will leave his name and registration plate number in the office, and then the technician will upload his plate number to the camera. But here is one problem, can we upload single plate number to the camera or we will need
always upload the whole list? (excell file with white/black and other list)

Here is couple of questions:
Can we make a time limit when the plate number is valid? I know we can do date limit (example 6-12-2020), but we can have time limit? (example 6-12-2020 14:30:00)?
Is there any program, that both cameras will be connected and when the first camera will read unknown plate, will this plate after user confirmation send immediately to the black list on the camera 2? Is this possible?

And for the end, which two cameras will you recommended? The vehicle speed will be below 15km/h and the camera reading range should be about 10 meters.


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We also use a few 4&7 series ANPR cams and upload the entire xls file when updating the white/black list. I'm not aware it can be done on an individual plate basis. The level of control you're after is possible via Hikvision's SDK/API. Do you have a developer in your company?