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Are Cams traceable through MAC address


New Member
I've had 2 PTZ milesight Bullet cameras nicked. I still have the boxes they came in with the Mac address of both cams. If they're online is it then possible to find out where they are or see what they're seeing or anyway of connecting to them. I would like to get these back not to mention catch the person responsible as they will possibly be known to me, and possibly ex-employee(s). I am not a tech or have much IT background. I'm an Electrician that was at one stage entertaining the idea of of have a sideline business with CCTV and hiring an IT friend of mine. There is a will and I'm willing to find a way if there is a way to get resolve in some way. Thank you in advance if there is any hope.


Staff member
Hi @bartcochrane

The MAC addresses are used by IP utilities and manufacturers software to identify specific cameras on your local network, the tools that search for MAC addresses will only be able to search for addresses within your local network so it is unlikely you will be able to find the cameras now that they are outside your network.

Unfortunately, there is no other way we are aware of for you to be able to track & locate these stolen cameras.