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Better NVRs as the basis for the latest IP CCTV solutions?


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There are a number of topics that I seem to constantly have a mental wrestle with, questions that I seem forever to be looking for answers to.

Bearing in mind that we only cover one topic - IP CCTV.

And, that our goal is to find, offer, and support the best solutions available within that field.

I've been meaning to bring some of them here and debate them, but up to now it has not happened, because I have precious little time to compose good founding articles to start the conversation. So, this Monday, I'm throwing this one at the wall to see what happens. No more than sharing a few thoughts to open a debate really:

It seems to me that the NVRs that are currently available tend to leave their owners feeling a bit underwhelmed - they could be better.
It has been the case for years.
They do not improve at the pace that you might expect - this is true for all manufacturers of NVRs.
They don't even keep-up with the browsers that we all use every day.
They seem engineered down to a price.
I believe that people would be willing to pay a little more - in fact, that a great NVR could command a premium if it delighted system owners.
Oh for a bit more CPU, RAM, etc.
Is that the best user-interface we can get in 2020?!

I am constantly seeking a magic box, that might be 'the one' that delivers better all-round satisfaction to its owner.

I've been a fan of Synology for some time.
A smart company.
They do a lot of things well.
I tend to feel comfortable with their tech.
They update FOC with new core firmware each year, which provides fantastic evergreen value for money.
Their focus is on NAS boxes, their NVRs have all so far been a miss :(

This morning, my attention was brought to this range - BlackJack by Digital Watchdog
I know nothing about them, but that page is an interesting summary of the intricacies, the claims, the complexity.
Are they really any good?

Analytics (Video Motion Detection etc.) and Search tend to be a couple of key areas that the NVR manufacturers cannot get right.
And, it seems that to achieve those the NVR needs good integration with the latest camera technologies.
Or does it?

Your thoughts please ...


Staff member
This from Vivotek this morning if anybody would like to catch-up with their latest offerings in NVR/VMS:

Hi Phil

VIVOTEK are hosting a webinar on Friday 3rd July at 10am to present our range of NVR’s and our VMS solution VAST2

VIVOTEK recording solutions are scalable from small residential and commercial premises to large enterprise systems with hundreds of cameras across multiple sites.

Our standalone NVR’s range from 8 to 128 cameras that support up to 4K IP camera video decoding and local 4K video display.

VIVOTEK VAST 2 is an easy to use and high specification IP video management software (VMS) with custom layouts on single or multiple monitors, rapid search and export of multi-channel video, interactive maps, video matrix and all without expensive recurring licences.

Join the webinar to find out more and please forward on to your customers to invite them to register.

Register for Vivotek's NVR webinar