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Better to use second stream for viewing or primary stream for recording + viewing


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As stated in the title, can someone please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of using the primary (H264 in my case) stream for recording + live viewing vs using primary stream for recording only and a secondary stream (MJPEG) for viewing?

If using MJPEG for viewing, I would want to set it to high quality, but I am using for residential security purposes so the recording quality is really most important, not getting super high image quality on the live feed, just high enough not to be annoying to look at.

I am primarily interested in the effects on camera processing load and CPU/GPU load for both scenarios.

What do most people do?

I notice that the default setting in Milestone Xprotect is to use the primary stream for both. I currently have it set like this but have the secondary stream turned on for when I navigate directly to the camera IP address for troublshooting purposes (the user interface for the cameras will only show a live feed if the secondary stream is turned on).


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Record the best primary setup you can configure.

Only concern yourself with the sub-stream if you need to configure a dumbed-down stream for remote viewing or similar.

Sorry that's not very comprehensive.
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