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Camera settings reverting without my help

Dave Howard

Hi. I have 7608NI NVR per attached with 7x cameras to PoE on it. Cameras are mix of 2x 2032 and 2x 246G2 and 2363G0 and 2363G0 and 2386G2.
In tweaking the 2386G2 based on posts on here I set bitrate =12,288, bitrate = variable, and video quality = highest.
I've noticed however that without my intervention when I go back to the Camera the above settings are changed to bitrate = 6144 and video quality = higher.
A similar thing occurs when I change video quality to medium in that it goes back to higher !!! Driving me mad as the 12,288 is ref'd on the HIK card as well.
Q: Why do the settings revert back after i have changed and they appear to have been saved?

Also, when applying h265+ to this situation and camera specifically I get blocking of people/vehicles (exposure at 1/150). This making them look like transformers :)
I remove h265+ and reboot (let it all settle down for a few mins) and the blocking stops. This occurs during day and night hours.
I installed a new 4TB WD Purple last week. With firmware current on NVR and camera are there any other pointers on issues with 265+ I wonder.
Q: Any tips or known issues with h265+ on this config or other settings on camera that need to be changed to enable 265+?

FYI: BLC = On/UP .. HLC = On/50 .. DNR = normal/60 .. Smart Events on camera x3 (1 of line crossing and 2 of intruder detection).
Grateful for help on the two above points. I did note a post referring to splitting cameras between two drives (putting the drives in a group) but all seems a bit hit & miss.


I have had settings revert on Hikvision cameras too, mainly the Max. Bitrate settings of the Main and Sub streams. Welcome to the wonderful world of HikVision...

I have found a couple of possible reasons/causes for this behavior so you could look into these:

1) First I would try setting all your main/sub stream settings on the NVR itself. And I mean directly on the NVR interface NOT via the web browser interface of the camera or the web browser interface of the NVR. That sorted out some of my issues.

2) When I go to the web browser interface of a camera I see only two streams (Main Stream and Sub Stream) BUT when I go to the camera remote config interface on iVMS-4200 Image -> Video/Audio I see an additional "Event Stream". I THINK that when iVMS (or camera? or NVR?) gets an event (say a motion event) it temporarily changes the main stream settings to these settings! So I just ensure the "Event Stream" settings are set to the same as my Main Stream settings to avoid any of these event changes.

This sort of thing is my main gripe with HikVision software/firmware - you have an NVR interface, a NVR web interface, a camera web interface, plus camera/NVR interfaces via iVMS-4200 or Batch tool and EVERY SINGLE interface is different, some settings are present on some interfaces and not others, some settings work on some interfaces and not others, it's a complete nightmare. Their hardware is very good and reliable but their software/firmware is very annoying...
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@codlord completely agree, Hikvision software and firmware is a mess. There seems to be no collaboration between their design teams. One gripe of mine is all firmware files are called digicap.dav.
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