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FAQ Can Hikvision's AcuSense NVRs apply advanced video analytics to any IP camera?

Hikvison's AcuSense NVR range has now been made available in the UK. If you have an IP CCTV system set up already, but your cameras do not have AcuSense technology built into them already, then these NVRs are an affordable way to add these analytics to your system without replacing all of your existing cameras.

After asking Hikvison for some clarity on what cameras can be used with the NVR, and have the AcuSense skills applied to it, we feel it is worthwhile sharing what we now know…

Which cameras can I use with the AcuSense NVRs?

As the NVR only needs to be able to accept a video stream from the camera, to which it then applies the analytics, then any camera that supports ONVIF Profile S can be used. Profile S here means that any ONVIF conformant NVR / software (including Hikvision recorders) can use the camera's live stream.​
Many cameras claim ONVIF conformity in their datasheets, but the only way to be sure of this is to search for your model in this conformant products list - if you can find your camera here, then it will work:​

How many cameras can I apply AcuSense analytics to?

All of the current AcuSense NVR's can add the analytics to 4 of its channels (or cameras), regardless of whether is an 8 channel, 16 channel, or 32 channel model.​
It is also important to point out that the NVR's can only apply AcuSense a maximum of 8MP across all 4 of the channels, so the resolution you can set each channel to reduces with each camera that analytics are applied to. We can only assume that this will also have an impact on the performance of the analytics, as the NVR is analysing a less sharp video stream - the sharper your video, the better the performance of AcuSense will be.​
To clarify, on all of these NVRs:​
  • 1 channel with AcuSense can be set to a maximum of 8MP.
  • 2 channels can be set to 4MP each.
  • 3-4 channels can be set to 2MP each.
So, if you are hoping to use numerous high-resolution streams with analytics applied to all, then your best solution is to use AcuSense cameras with an I-Series NVR. This will allow you to set each camera to its highest resolution.​
As always, please post any questions or findings you have that relate to these NVRs below.​
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