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FAQ Can I Add 4A26/P and 7A26/P ANPR Cameras to Hik-Connect & Can I Send ANPR Notifications to the Hik-Connect App?


Staff member
We had a customer with the below problem:

1) With regard to the new ANPR camera (7A26/P) - that one is connected via the NVR that I bought at the same time. I'm afraid updating the firmware for both has not fixed the problem. I am still getting other smart event notifications (eg line crossing) on Hik-Connect, but not ANPR notifications even though the camera is correctly picking up the ANPR events.
2) Meantime my other ANPR camera is a DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P. The problem appears to be that it doesn't have the "Platform Access" menu option under Network / Advanced Settings. Is there a firmware update for this camera that might install this menu and allow me to connect it to Hik-Connect?

We asked Hikvision Support for clarification on what was possible with the ANPR cameras when connected to Hik-Connect and they came back with the below answers:

1) Please add the 7 series ANPR camera directly into Hik-Connect rather than adding the NVR, because there are limited alarm notification types for NVR.

2) 4 series ANPR camera doesn’t support adding to Hik-Connect via Cloud P2P, so there is no method to receive ANPR detection notifications on Hik-Connect from it.

So to summarise, the DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS supports ANPR notifications being sent to the Hik-Connect app if the camera is connected to the app on its own and not through an NVR. The older DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P ANPR cameras do not support Cloud P2P/Platform Access and the ANPR notifications can only be sent over P2P so the 4A26 won't support ANPR notifications at all. (You can still add the 4A26 ANPR model to the app using the IP address instead of P2P, but if you want remote access you will need to port forward the cameras IP address)