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Can i get this system for a decent price?


New Member
Looking for a POE HDD recorder 4-8 channel thats capable of supporting and configuring four cameras of 5mp or more with good night vision (no visible light) motion tracking and audio recording hoping i can get this for around £400 is this possible.


Staff member
Hi @Tricky,

What would you be using each camera for? The type of camera depends on things such as location and viewing range.

Hikvision tend to be the most competitively priced manufacturer. For good night vision without visible light, you'll need to be looking at the cameras within the Darkfighter ranges and avoiding any ColorVu camera as these use a visible white light to provide vision at night.

You'll need to look at the HiLook/HiWatch range to get a setup working within that budget. We don't sell or recommend these ranges as we hear of all manner of issues customers have with them, a quick search in the forum will show you what I mean.

The best value NVR we can offer is the 4 channel Hikvision 7604, while the best value cameras with a 5MP min resolution are:
Hikvision 2065 Mini Bullet
Hikvision 2165 Dome
Hikvision 2365 Turret
Hikvision 2545 Mini Dome

You could shave a bit off cost by opting for 4MP cameras, which people are often quite satisfied with anyway.