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CCTV in the home


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If I wanted to install a CCTV system in my home, what would I need, and how much should I budget for? If someone was moving around outside my property, or broke in, I would want it recorded. Please could you let me know what you would recommend to provide the minimun, but useful protection. Thanks.


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IP CCTV is great for home solutions, and can prove far more cost-effective than purchasing a dedicated CCTV DVR and analogue cameras, as there's every chance that you will already have a PC (and possibly a home network) that you can utilise.

All you need to add is the cameras:

  • Be pragmatic; don't start out on day one with a scheme to cover every imagined possibility
  • Choose an approach bottleneck e.g.:
    • the front gate
    • the front path
    • a path to the side of the house
    • a rear entrance gate
    • a gap in the hedge
  • You'll want 24hr cover, so consider lighting.
  • You don't need to light the world, a bulkhead lamp or small (150W max) TH lamp will be more than adequate for domestic situations.
  • The Axis 211 is a great camera for outdoor applications, as are any of the Avigilon models (1 or 2 megapixels will probably be more than adequate for a relatively small domestic field of view). The Axis 211 is supplied with a lens. You will need to choose a separate lens to provide your chosen field of view with an Avigilon camera.
  • Then select a camera housing to suit your mounting position.
  • For simplicity of installation use a single network cable with Power Over Ethernet to power-up the camera and connect the video feed onto your network.
And for the recording software:

  • If you use Avigilon cameras, you'll need their software. Its lossless recording capability, in conjunction with any of their megapixel cameras, will deliver fantastic recorded image detail.
  • If you choose Axis cameras, then the Icode iCatcher Console software delivers a really feature-rich solution in a very cost-effective package.
Budget wise you're looking at a first camera cost from about £600, which will include the recording software. And about £500 for subsequent cameras (+VAT). Indoor cameras are significantly cheaper.