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Connecting a Camera to a Dahua NVR 3216V-P

Harri Whipp

Thread starter #1
Now that the set up is complete, we can start adding cameras to the system. The NVR3216V-P is compatible with any Dahua device as well as a wide range of other branded products eg. Vivotek FD8134.

There are two ways to connect a camera to the NVR; the first (and easier) method is connecting a device via PoE directly to the back of the system.
After about 30 seconds your camera image will appear on the interface without any setup at all!
Note: You can connect non-Dahua Cameras in this way but it will take a longer time to connect to the camera. Remember that not all cameras are compatible.
The other way of connecting a camera to the device is via the network. Scroll over an empty channel and a ‘+’ (plus) sign will appear. Click on the channel. The channel menu will now appear.
Click ‘Remote Device’. A new window will now open:
This screen will show you any cameras that are already connected as well as their IP address and port. These will appear at the top but to find any cameras on the network click ‘IP search’. Now any available cameras will appear.
To add a device either double click on the one you would like or single click and select ‘Add’. After 5 seconds you will see the camera appear on the channel screen behind this window.

The camera is now added to the channel screen and is recording.