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Connection failure - setup error or faulty camera


New Member
I have just purchased a new HIKVISION DS-2CD2142FWD-I.

It is being powered by a NETGEAR GS308P (Gigabit ethernet switch)

I have run iVMS-4200 (on my mac) and entered a new password for the camera.
It shows up as ‘Activity’ under safe status.

I have also added he camera to my HiK Connect App - where I can see the camera.
BUT - I cannot see any video coming from it.

The app says ‘Connection failed’.

If I try directly through a web browser (ip address) it also says 'This site can’t be reached’.

I ran a speed test on our internet and it read:
‘DOWNLOAD 29.82 Mbps UPLOAD 6.17 Mbps'

I have also tried accessing the camera on Invideon server and app and cannot see the camera.

It also does not connect when I have the laptop and camera connected directly through the ethernet switch.

Do I have a faulty camera?