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Dahua IPC-HFW2100P Bullet IP Camera Review

Harri Whipp

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Dahua are the leading Chinese IP surveillance manufacture. We've had a couple of their cameras in the office recently and today we followed up last month's unboxing video with a test of the 2100P 1.3mp Mini Bullet Camera. Dahua's range of cameras and NVRs are great budget models to add to any existing system or to start a new system.

This camera has some great features, including a 1.3mp camera that can shoot 15fps at 1980x960 and day/night functionality which allows you to see up to 20 metres in the dark. You can also view this camera on multiple devices. The camera has an IP66 rating and uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) which is great for most users as this is the preferred method for 95% of our customers.

This is a great cost-effective camera that Dahua offer. If you would like to watch and unboxing video of this camera please watch below.

This is a very compact and discreet camera that can be fitted most places and blend in with its surroundings, using the three screw holes at the back to mount it into position and then using the T-Head screw you can adjust the position of the camera. Like many new models, this camera uses the 'Pig Tail' style PoE port. Below we have a picture of the bottom of the device and the PoE port.

Dahua have a web client in which you can view live footage, take snapshots and set all settings for the camera. To record the footage we used two options. The first was using Dahua's own NVR the NVR3216V-P 16 Channel, which we felt coupled really well with Dahua cameras. As this device is also ONVIF compatible we recorded footage using our QNAP VioStor, but you could use any device that supports ONVIF devices. Below is a screen shot of footage captured (Click the image to get full size image).​

Why not take a look at our Dahua forum for more information?

We also captured some sample footage of this camera:

I feel that this camera is a great budget camera that would suit anyone looking to add a great camera to their system without the price tag, or someone who is looking to set up a whole new system using Dahua cameras as they give you a brilliant solution on a budget. I would say this camera would be best suited to small business, home users and school environments. Whether coupled with an ONVIF compatible NVR or Dahua's own NVR's, both provide excellent security solutions.​