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DS-2CD2455FWD-IW motion detection sensitivity and excessive trigger delay


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first, I apologize for my bad English and sorry for the long post.

I just bought five DS-2CD2455FWD-IW cameras, and in all of them I found some strange behaviors in motion detection.

First issue, when I set the sensitivity < 60 % (for example 40%) there is a delay of 4 seconds before the motion detection is triggered, even if the event happens right in front of the camera.

I can compensate this delay using the pre-recording time, but the most problematic thing is that if the event is shorter than 4 seconds, motion detection is not triggered at all.

For example, in one case my cat dropped a backpack off the table right in front of the camera and ran quickly away. Nothing was recorded (I was able to review the event from the continuous recording on the NVR).

I can reproduce the issue at any time by walking quickly through the camera field and finding that nothing has been recorded. Only if I keep moving for more than 4 seconds the recording start. Please note that also the first snapshot sent via FTP is 4 seconds late (and unfortunately this cannot be compensated with pre-recording). If I set the sensitivity> = 60%, the delay disappears, but the camera becomes so sensitive that even the breathing of sleeping cat, at 1,5 meters distance, triggers motion detection. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose any intermediate value between 40% and 60%.

I did all these tests using normal configuration.

If I switch to expert configuration, there is another issue: I found that the slide of sensitivity in expert configuration has basically no effect. The camera remembers the sensitivity setting made in normal configuration and uses that sensitivity in expert configuration. This seems like a bug.

For example, if I set the sensitivity to 40% in normal configuration, then I switch to expert configuration and set a different sensitivity , the setting does not seem to have any effect and, in addition, the issue of the 4 seconds delay persist, even if the sensitivity in expert configuration is set (for example) to 100%.

If I switch back to normal configuration and set the sensitivity to 60%, then switch again to expert configuration, the sensitivity also increases in expert mode (regardless of the setting in expert configuration) and the delay issue disappears, even if sensitivity in expert configuration is set (for example) to 20%.

I did one last test: I did the factory reset of the camera, then I setup motion detection from scratch directly in expert configuration, without first touching any settings in normal configuration. In this way, whatever sensitivity value I set, the real sensitivity remains so low that motion detection is rarely triggered. Sometimes it triggers after 10-15 seconds, but I must move in front of the camera for a long time, even with a 100% sensitivity. To make motion detection usable, I still have to go to normal configuration, set the sensitivity at least at 40% (factory default was 0%), and then go back to expert configuration (to configure other things, such windows, threshold, day & night, etc.).

Tested firmware: from V5.5.83 to V5.6.5.

Test made using both web interface and Batch Configuration Tool.

I appreciate for any advice or suggestions.

I also would like to know if someone with the same camera model has experienced the same issue or is able to reproduce it.

Thanks in advance and I apologize again for my bad English.



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Hi @Daniel70,

Your English is good! :D

I'm not sure that there is much else that you can try, many people avoid using motion detection as smart events (such as Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection) are more accurate. You can also control the 'Threshold' on Intrusion Detection, which refers to how long a target is in your 'intrusion zone' before you are notified.

Was there a large jump between the previous firmware versions and V5.5.83 / V5.6.5? It might be worth upgrading the firmware in steps if you have missed any firmware versions in between.

Also, how are the cameras connected to your network? Are you using an NVR?

Do you have the same problems with motion detection on iVMS-4200, or on a different internet browser?


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Hi Kyle,

thank you for your reply.

The main purpose of these cameras is not security but watching my elderly parents, who live alone in a remote house. With motion detection I can easily know the last time they were seen.

Smart detection does not help me much, it is used to detect specific events and does not cover all my needs.

To configure the camera I used both IE11 and the Batch Configuration Tool, but this doesn’t make any difference.

Two cameras are wired, the other three are connected via wi-fi.

For continuous recording I use a Synology NAS. I do continuous recording only from wired cameras, which also record events on SD card. Those connected via wi-fi only record events on SD card (to avoid network congestion). All cameras send event based snapshots to the same Synology NAS via FTP (one per second).

Synology NAS has its own motion detection, and works well. But I can use it only for the two wired cameras.

The issue is present with all the firmware: from 5.5.83 (the out of the box version), to 5.6.5. On some cameras I made the jump from 5.5.83 to 5.6.5, on others I tried all the intermediate releases. I also did a factory reset after every firmware update, but nothing has changed.

My guess is that there is a parameter (like the threshold in intrusion detection) that plays a role in the motion detection algorithm, but this parameter is not exposed in the GUI for the basic motion detection. Probably this parameter is adjusted according to sensitivity.

Finally I made a comparison with two other cameras: an Axis M1065-LW and a Dahua K35 Neither of these has a similar issue: in both models, when a motion occurs, detection starts exactly with the first frame with motion (this can be easily checked from snapshots recorded via FTP or on the SD card).
Soon I should have the opportunity to test a DS-2CD2051G1-IDW1 camera. Currently this camera is used only for watching the weather (and is configured to do only continuous snapshot). I'll have to dismount it and reconfigure it for motion detection.