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DS-7716NXI-I4/4S NVR (Pro-Series/EasyIP-4.0, AcuSense)


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First off all I want to say Hi to all use-ip community.

I have on my hands an Easy Ip 4.0 Series AcuSence NVR.
I am trying to test its capabilities with 2 simple (no AcuSence) ip cams.

First cam is a new non POE, no smart event (only motion) DS-2CD2021G1-IDW1, connected by wire (WiFi disabled).
Second is an older POE (not used for now), smart event (line crossing-intrusion) DS-2CD2020F-I.

Lets talk about the first cam.
Camera supports 2 motion detection configuration, Normal and Expert.
Normal is the motion detection we all know, with squares area and sensitivity settings only.
On Expert you can set a 4 side polygon area (no squares) and have both sensitivity and percentage settings for day and night separately.

Problem is, that second option is not presented neither on NVR menu or the NVR web interface and you cannot set it through it .NVR "tiks" Normal motion detection, without showing any motion area or/and the arming schedule enabled.

You can get smart event for that cam from NVR. You can see how it works at Hikvision Europe video.

At NVR menu, under Smart Event menu we enable Smart Analysis (video 1:08). Then after we enable line or Intrusion, we pick Human as target classification (video 1:50).

Problem is that I am confused and let me explain the reasons.

1. Cat crossing, enables video recording, and target picture (all files) but no video at smart search human body detection and no event at the playback timeline (red color).
2.Human getting out of the front door (camera looks at his back), enables video recording with no event at the time line, no notification pushed, no video under smart search (human body detection), and at all files, 1 picture under false alarm plus 2 pictures under all (can't find them anywhere else at the 26 categories which all includes).
3. My dog which have (thanks God) all her legs, and has no wheels, found with 1 picture under all files -> vehicle!!!!!!!!!

Forgot to say that set up is Intrusion detection (on NVR) and triggers recording on Intrusion.

What am I doing wrong?

Extra question. At NVR UI System->Smart event->Intrusion->Linkage Action->Trigger Chanel, shows D1 and D2, for 2 cameras I suppose. Can anyone explain what this does?

Thank you, sorry for my English and the long post.


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Hi @dimo

We have yet to get our hands on an AcuSense NVR so I wouldn't be able to say if it is a setting issue with the event filtering, but from our experience, it could be as simple as the age and/or resolution of the cameras you have connected. They are both 2MP cameras and one is a very old 2MP model (2020F-I), the AcuSense camera range is only available in 4MP which would suggest that Hikvision has worked out that the filtering technology is more accurate with its identification of people/cars/animals/etc... with 4MP cameras and above. It may be the case that with the lower resolution of the models you have the AcuSense algorithm for identification is struggling to tell the difference between people/cars/animals/etc...

I would recommend trying a higher resolution camera (at least 4MP) to see if that improves the NVRs accuracy. As I said we haven't had hands-on experience with the AcuSense NVR and the filtering settings so there may be something in those settings that can be improved, if another forum user has had experience with the AcuSense technology then please respond as your advice & experience would be greatly appreciated.


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Good Morning (Europe time zones) and Good Day (rest of the world).
I want to say a big thank for your answer. Your experience as a professional is valuable.

The truth is that I suspect 2021G1 cam, because I had problems with it. Cam has a build in microphone (streams audio and video on both channels), and runs the latest firmware available (for E3) on portal.
As a stand alone worked fine, with web UI, IVMS 4500 and 4200. When conected at NVR, lost sound and subchannel at NVR, IVMS 4500 and IVMS 4200 but worked fine with web UI. After a days search, a factory reset on cam solved the problem.
Then suddenly I lost from this cam, notification sent trough NVR. My professional friend who is setting my whole network, checked "his stuff" and found them ok, so I tried reinstall IVMS 4500 on my Android 9 phone.......and........surprise-surprise..........that was it, notifications worked again.

Ancient Chinese used to say, "a picture, is like a thousand words"

Looking at the data sheet of the NVR says for "smart analysis......

DATA SHEET 7716 (Medium).JPG

Smart analysis algorithm now is set for 1 (out of 4) channel with 2021G1 cam, as we can see at NVR UI
DSCN1964 (Medium).JPG

and Web UI
vca (Medium).JPG

About the "dog-vehicle case", it is more than possible, created from 2021G1 cam.

DSCN1961 (Medium).JPG Vehicle dog 2 (Medium).JPG

As you can see it is night with cameras EXIR on. I must have what you call "ghosting", on fast moving objects, which I can't solve,
even if i tried change thinks like noise reduction (need help here too, please).

But at "human getting out of the door case" is different and more strange to my eyes.
I will analyze that with pictures in my next post, because I am running out of time now.

Dan please tell me If you want from me to take pictures from inside NVR (circuit board for examble) for you to see.


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Lets see second case, mentioned above.

On NVR found only one picture under, All Files -> False Alarm.

DSCN1965 (Medium).JPG

DSCN1966 (Medium).JPG

No video at NVR -> All Files -> Video,

DSCN1967 (Medium).JPG

But, on NVR Web Interface -> Playback, an event video was recorded (?????).

person 2 (Medium).JPG

Also, no notification sent to IVMS 4500 and no Beep alarm sound on NVR.
Cameras UI motion detection was disabled and also record on motion.
Smart event on NVR was enabled and also record on event and sent notification.

I think it is not possible the NVR Web UI shows a video only recorded on Cam Storage Card.
The storage card is very small for testing (16 Gb) and all videos of 5/8 on it, are deleted (overwritten).


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After some day testing, I think that I begin to understand how Acusence works with simple, no Acusence, no smart event Ip cam.
With NVR in continuous recording, background "flags" everything it moves and outside the introusion area, but analyses what will "go out" as an alert and notification.
The truth is by having different ways of playback search, is complex enough how you can do the right search, especially if you have 1 camera using NVRs "smart analysis engine" and 1 camrera using its own smart event function, but it is impossible to loose anything.

Acusence "filtered" intrusion from air moving tent, moving shadows, lights, night butterflies and moving branches. Also managed to filter most (95%) of the cats (believe me a lot of cats). Did not filtered some times auto turning off infrared in the morning and enough times my dog at night.
Worked better (I thing) at night, and in daytime with people wearing clothes. Me half naked, whearing only a pair of shorts, I tricked Acusence sometimes even if I am 188 cm tall and I weight 95 kgs. My wife and kids wearing clothes didn't manage to trick it.

DS-2CD2021G1-IDW1 is a new model (not last) camera but caused me a lot of problems which realy drove me crazy (Dan was right).
After I set intrusion detection (NVR function) work correct, I lost completely notifications on IVMS-4500 from that cam.
There was intrusion alarm on NVR (you know that annoying Be-Be-Be-Beep-Beep) but nothing on IVMS.

I asked my "network guy" if it was something in his set up (cameras for now, connected to second router and then to third routerboard and then to NVR), but checked and fount it ok.
Then I reinstalled IVMS-4500 on my phone, but could not set the notification on, being at the local network. Only with data on, or neighbors wi-fi.

Then I lost all of the Intrusion alarm, so I reset the camera, deleted from NVR, and set it up all from the begining using Web UI.
"Miracolo" (Italian miracle), everything works fine now.

Next think I want to check is, if I "loose it" once again, by turning off and power out both NVR and Cameras.

Also I will need your help for a problem with event remote playback on IVMS-4500. I can not set it to custom but only to clear, even if I record on both streams and NVR supports transcoded stream. In live view I can change between clear, fluent and custom.


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Also I will need your help for a problem with event remote playback on IVMS-4500. I can not set it to custom but only to clear, even if I record on both streams and NVR supports transcoded stream. In live view I can change between clear, fluent and custom.
Anyone, having any ideas for the above?

Now I have another question for you, because I want to connect an alarm in and Hikvision user manual are wrong about this.
At the Quick Start Guide came inside NVRs CD, shows the alarm I/O terminals like this:


but in reality NVR terminal are like that:

No G G terminals, but only D+/D-/D+/D-/1/2/3........15/16.

Where to connect the wire for alarm input?????
Should I connect it to ground bolt next to the green terminals?